Circular Saw and its Feature

The circular saw is a power saw using a blade, toothed to cut all kind of materials using rotary motion spinning. First, it was invented in 18th century and in the 19th century mostly used but the United States.

The circular saw is used to cut materials like metal, wood, plastic or masonry. It is also mounted as machine as well as hand-held. In woodworking, the circular saw will be hand-held one and chop saw and the table saw are another form of a circular saw.

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Features of Circular Saw:

Once you decided the design and power source check for the features:

  • The power of corded saw is measured as amps and cordless saw measured by volts. If the power of amps and volts are high then it will have more cutting power.
  • Based on blade capacity you can calculate the maximum depth of your tool can cut. If the blade is large then the cut may also deeper. The commonly used blade diameter is 7-1/4 inches. In general, if the blade is smaller in capacity and less weight then it’s easy to control.
  • When the trigger is released, the electric brakes can reverse the electricity flow in saw motor. When the current is reversing then the blade stops a moment quickly. The Electric brakes can also stop the blade in two seconds without this feature.
  • Spindle or Shaft locks: it helps to change the blade easily in a circular saw. The lock immobilizes the blade and shaft to make the process as easy.
  • Bevel Capacity: Here you can get the maximum level of cut the saw can produce.
  • Bevel Stops: This helps to make the adjustments easily in your tools.
  • Laser guides: This help to improve your cutting accuracy by projecting a beam of light.

Blades of Circular Saw:

The main part of the circular saw is a blade. Different variety of blades is available for different applications. Whenever purchasing a blade, check whether it is compatible with your saw.

Types of Blade:

Carbide-tipped blades: It is more expensive than other blades. And also it stays sharp for longer than high-speed steel.
Masonry blades: It used to cut brick, concrete, cinder block and other materials.
Tile-cutting blades: It is specially designed to cut ceramic tiles and the blades are in diamond tipped shapes.
High-speed steel blades: The sharper stay longer and harder than steel blades.

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