How To Lock Your Bike?

Bike thefts are a bane to bike owners across the world. The main aim of bike owners is to make their bike harder to steal than the one beside it. Here are five steps to locking your bike and preventing thefts.


  1. Remove the front wheel

  2. Usually bikes tend to have a front wheel which can be quickly released. When leaving your bike unattended, remove the front wheel and keep it near your rear wheel for safety. If your U lock is not big enough or if your front wheel can’t be removed you can easily secure your rear wheel.

  3. Secure the frame and wheels to a fixed object.

  4. You can secure the back of your bike to another sturdy fixed object using a U or D lock. The U lock can be fixed around the edge of the rear wheel, the rear frame, the unattached front wheel and any rigid object. It is always a good idea to use decent locks. Here are the Best road bike locks

    Your lock location should be at a well secured place. The bike’s frame forms a triangle with the three rear sections and it’s better to put your rear wheel inside this triangle to prevent detractors from stealing your bike. It is not advisable to attach your U-lock to the top tube or crossbar of your bike. This is the sloping bar which is horizontal between the handlebars and the seat. The bike frame can be used as a source of force for thieves to break the lock.

    Similarly, if you are using the best mountain bike then you can also use the U-locks to fix the frame and wheels to a fixed rigid object.

  5. Protect your front wheel if it has not been removed

  6. The front wheel is not as important as the rear wheel, but some kind of security should be provided to the front wheel as well, or anyone could steal it. A cable lock could ideally be looped around the bike frame and front wheel and it is also possible to be looped around the rear wheel if the cable is sufficient. The cable can be locked together using a padlock or built in lock. For optimum security, another U-lock in addition to the existing U-lock could be used to secure the frame and front wheel together.

  7. Security and removal of any accessories before leaving your bike.

  8. Reflectors, lights, baskets, bells, bags and everything else that can be removed should be carried along with you or ideally secured with a cable lock.

  9. Try securing your saddle with a long cable.

  10. A D lock could be used on your rear wheel, with the help of a frame and a fixed object. The front wheel can be secured using just one side of the cable. A loop could also be pushed through the edge of the saddle. It can be secured by placing the cable’s free end through a loop.

In the D lock, the free end can be secured efficiently.

These are five steps to lock your bike securely. Paying just a little attention to your bike’s security will take you a long way and give you the best bike lock system.